About me.

Work with a pro.

"How can I hire your services?" It's as easy as 1 ... 2 ... 3. And, like the oldest profession in the world, it will always return for a small fee.
About me

I represent one of the most talented professional voice artists in the business. You represent the creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit that puts me to work. Let's do business together. This is a simple and secure way to make it happen in three baby steps.

1. Call me.

Yes, you must. It is vital to know if I’m available in the day and time intended to be able to meet you there in the studio where we’re going to record. With the market downturn had to fire my secretary and from now on it’s me who manages my own schedule. If I do not answer immediately, I’m probably inside a booth, try again in 10 minutes.

  • Can Not.
    Unfortunately, precisely on that day and hour it will be absolutely impossible to attend, regrettable.
    The product you want to disclose wont have the privilege of knowing the impact and market penetration that my unique talent could give. But, there is always the chance you may change your schedule. Think about it 😉
  • I Can.
    Fantastic, lucky you! Will be able to see that nothing will be as before. The trust that my voice yelds to your product is a commitment for eternity. Whatever the scope of your campaign your audience will not remain indifferent. It’s guaranteed…

2. The work gets done.

Always does. Matter of fact, we wont stop until we’re both satisfied (Uh, was it good for you?) Now, each of us go our way, I go to my life, and you keep up dealing with a whole quaint recording.

3. It’s time to pay the price.

Now, I will need you to serve me freshly brewed coffee and fruit cocktail while you gently massage my shoulders (kidding). Actually, you will get my invoice and then you pay. If you take too long to pay, you will receive a phone call. Not from my lawyer… we hope.