For all voiceover needs.

"Do you send your voice via FedEx?" Good question, my sarcastic friend. Let me break it down for you folks. Hiring a voice over professional (that would be me) is quite easy.

(A.K.A. O Estúdio Caseiro)
I received a great inheritance from my aristocrat parents and I have a big house. Soundproofed one of the rooms in which I installed a bunch of gadgets and called it -Studio-.
That's where I transform myself into a sound editor and perform small masterpieces, voiceovers with the best broadcast quality, which I can deliver, using my speedy and faithfull carrier pigeon, directly into your project.


In my home studio here in the beautiful village of Sintra. To satisfy the curiosity of my most nerdy friends, I use a powerful valves microphone connected to a Mbox2 preamp, edit using ProTools in a sexy Mac Pro computer from Apple. Of course there are other “state-of-the-art” gadgets involved in the process, but they are trade secret.


You know, I use my voice to live and live with the fruit of my work (that story of inheritance is fantasy). So what’s the price of talent? How much does a professional voiceover cost? What is the price of a voice with personality and confidence? It’s cheap, very cheap compared to what you will profit with it.
Tell you what, email your script and Voice Over budget to me. In most cases, it is likely that your budget will work.


Say what!? What a nerve! Do you know who I am?   …of course yes. Just ask.
It turns out that the audition audio file will be low quality or it will be distorted or full of noise. We do not want anyone to be tempted in using a model  as a definitive way to leave me without allowance, realize that? 😉


  1. Write your script and send it to me by e-mail along with some voice direction that you consider useful.
  2. Indicate what budget you have for the voice over job (be bold, I can stand it!)
  3. I record and send back a low-resolution audio file, along with a link for Approval / Payment.
  4. You do approve the voice over job, confirm payment in the link provided and receive the audio file (MP3, WAV, AIFF) with extreme quality.
  5. We both rejoice at the simplicity of it all!