Professional Voice Over.

When I started my artistic life, never crossed my mind while reasonable (say… average, o.k., flimsy) street football player, that the fact of being addicted to listen to radio would take me one day to work on it and from there to the advertising and television world.

But it happened, way back in 1984 (yes, I’ll take a few years now spitting into microphones).

These days, that’s all I do: proudly use my voice and my talent for multiple projects where I am required. I am a professional voice-over, I’m Voice: of station, native Portuguese, with personality, male, of signature, of company, of advertising, of talent, of the radio and the tv spot, of the institutional film, of the promo, the documentary… I am the voice of your text.
In fast or slower pace, hard selling or informal, but always reliable, with soul and always with all the letters – Voice